MECHDUSA - A.I Art + Photoshop Process
MECHDUSA - A.I Art + Photoshop Process

Here is my take on how I use the A.I. generated artwork.
In this video I showcase how I use different pieces of A.I. generated art via "Midjourney" in order to assemble something completely different and most importantly an artwork that matches my Scifi/Cyberpunk style.

Overall I find the idea of A.I art very helpful for people who want to put out several ides based on particular key words which they can later on utilize it and come up with some unique ideas/storyboards/illustration etc. Apart from that I feel that it is also a great way to escape from a strict creative direction that one sets for themselves and let the creativity flow naturally without any set art direction which again would lead to several unique ideas.

In my case I am using it in a way where I can make some concrete illustrations using the methods of photobashing and paint overs.

Let me know what you think about it in the comment section :)

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